Hello, Yes, this is indeed Dog.

I suppose I'd better explain who I am, if you manage to stumble across this page!

Hi, I'm Jack. I'm a student at Victoria University of Wellington taking a Bachelor of Engineering, specialising in Software Engineering.

If you can't find me in front of my computer doing University work or working on a personal project, you can generally find me chillin' with friends. One of them makes films, you should check him out at Junct. The others are pretty cool too.

I have a github at http://github.com/jackamo. I use it mainly for my University projects, so most are private! Currently I am tidying them up so not only I can show them off, but future students don't get any sneaky ideas.

I also have a fwitter teed at http://twitter.com/rack_jobinson. I don't really tweet much, but when I do, it's generally about a post here.

I'm also hireable! I have a link to my CV here. Basically, if it's an internship, I'd be down for that!

If something in there, or here, doesn't make sense, email me at jackrob1994 - at - gmail.com. I live connected to the internet, so I can always reply asap.

Cool, I think thats everything :D