Hi, I'm Jack

Welcome! I'm Jack Robinson, a Full Stack Software Engineer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Currently, I'm Platform Development Lead at Montoux.


I'm a full stack engineer by trade, building new frontend applications using Typescript and React, deploying backend services on AWS using technologies such as Clojure, C# and the odd bit of Python, and designing the architecture they sit on with Terraform.

I'm pretty passionate about building solutions to complex requirements, and have been fortunate in my roles to be able to experience large-scale refactoring and rearchitecting efforts by different teams. This has allowed me to grow my software design skills right from the get go, being able to reflect on earlier decisions, and come up with the best solutions in response. By also working in smaller teams, I've grown to respect the balance between meeting business requirements while also knowing when to incur technical debt. Finding that balance is what I believe I do best, and is a challenge I'm always willing to tackle.

When I'm not at a computer, I can often be found either in the hills around Wellington hiking, out improving my photography, or dabbling in the odd bit of hand woodworking. I'm also an avid reader, especially on relatively unknown parts of history (especially New Zealand), as well as a big collector of maps.

Experience and Education


2018 - 2020:
Software Engineer
2020 - 2021:
Senior Software Engineer
2021 - Present:
Platform Development Lead

In early 2018, I moved to Montoux as a Software Engineer. It was a dramatic shift from a large company like Xero, to one with only ~20 employees. My first projects involved building a custom MFA setup in the application, followed by the large project of seperating the monolithc project into seperate frontend and backend deployables. In 2020 I was promoted to Senior Software Engineer, as I continued to work on end-to-end projects, including during a pivot and transitioning the tech stack from Clojure/Clojurescript to Typescript, Python and leveraging more AWS services. Since 2021, I've been Platform Development Lead, a role that allows me to experience people management through direct reports, and prioritising work for the team, while also giving me time to offer technical leadership as we build our second generation platform. I've been able to continue to foster the design of the new frontend project with React, build out the new authentication system utilising AWS Cognito and various other pieces of tooling to improve the workflow of our engineering team.


2014 - 2017:
Software Developer Intern
2017 - 2018:
Graduate Software Developer

I joined Xero during an internship in the summer of my second year at University. From the get go, I was working on tooling to better understand the technical debt of the code as Xero continued to scale exponentially during this period. I worked closely with static analysis tools such as NDepend, and learned skills to address large scale refactors. Once my studies were complete, I was luckily offered to continue as a Graduate Developer, a role that came with the ability to rotate role every 3 months, and experience another part of the business. Through this role, I helped maintain an aging Windows staging environment in DevOps, continued to grow the new UI in a frontend rotation, help with testing and writing Cucumber-style tests as QA, and use Jupyterhub and Pandas in data science, exposing insights on how users would interact with the system.

Victoria University of Wellington

2013 - 2016:
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (First Class)

My honours thesis was titled A Web Based System for Traffic Management Plans, a tool that allowed road workers the ability to define their proposed work sites on a web-based system, utilising Leaflet, Angular and ASP.NET Web API. The project ended up winning the Engineering New Zealand Ray Meyer Medal, which was the first time in the award's history that a Software Engineer had won it, as well as the first win for the University.


I'm always open to chat, if you would like to get in contact with me, I'm reachable via email at jackrob1994 - at - gmail.com. You can also find me on Github.