Jack Robinson

Full-stack Software Engineer and Team Lead

Hey there! I'm currently travelling Japan for an extended break. I'm still open to discuss opportunities - either here in Tokyo, or elsewhere. You can reach me via my LinkedIn below.

If you're interested into what I've been up to, check out my photography, github or give some of my writing a read.




(2018-2020) Software Engineer

(2020-2021) Senior Software Engineer

(2021-2023) Platform Development Lead

Montoux builds Actuarial Automation software, improving the workflow for life insurance actuaries. My job involved the full stack, from maintaining and implementing new features on various cloud infrastructure, through to architecting our new frontend client.

Skills: Clojure, Typescript / React, NodeJS, AWS, Terraform, Python, Linux Sysadmin, API and Service Design, Functional Programming, People Management, Product Management.



(2014-2017) Developer Intern

(2018-2018) Graduate Developer

Xero provides a Cloud-based Accounting service. Worked on projects such as understanding the code health of a legacy monolith, tools to automate a cumbersome deployment process, and analysing user data to better understand product directions.

Skills: C#, ASP.NET, Powershell, NodeJS, React, Python, Terraform, AWS.



Victoria University of Wellington

Bachelor of Engineering (First-class Honours) in Software Engineering

My honours project was the development of a Web-based System for traffic management plans. This project allowed contractors to define to-code plans via a map interface, and generate the required paperwork for permits. Winner of the 2017 Ray Meyer Medal for Excellence in Student Design






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